Newsletter v21.07
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Newsletter v21.07

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'... Into the future
Newsletter v21.07

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👋 Personal

In the words of the Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle."

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

🪦 How many days do you have on Earth?

I submitted some basic info to Death Clock and felt a shock go through my body when I saw the result! Of course, estimates are just that, and we can do things to improve our lifespan. Also, healthcare improves every year, so there is a good chance we will all live longer than we think – barring accidental death.

Note: Death Clock is wildly inaccurate. You can find better clocks that consider more parameters.

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How many more times will you see your parents? Grandparents?

Make the most of every day.

If you have a bad day, don't beat yourself up about it – take the day off and come back stronger the next day.

📰 News of the Week

1️⃣ Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

After seven years of work and a seven-month journey, Perseverance successfully landed on Mars. It's a fantastic accomplishment, and I can't wait to see how the Mars Helicopter performs.

The research performed by NASA and its partners leads to products that help all of humanity. I hope the NASA budget is increased next time around.

👉 View a glTF model of the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter. Use your mouse to rotate the model and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.  Thanks, NASA!

Mars Ingenuity Helicopter, 3D Model – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program
Interact with this 3D model of the Mars 2020 Ingenuity Helicopter.

2️⃣ Crypto exchange Coinbase was behind Tesla’s bitcoin buy


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Bitcoin is having an incredible week of growth sparked by Tesla's $1.5B USD purchase in bitcoin. Tesla plans to accept BTC later this year.

Coinbase has quickly become one of the better-known exchanges for trading bitcoin and other so-called digital currencies. The exchange has more than 43 million verified users in more than 100 countries.

One Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $56,208 USD!

What will happen next?

Will the Tesla fleet (with onboard supercomputers) start mining BTC while they charge overnight?

Some analysts believe it can go much higher, 2X, 10X, even 20X. That's hard to imagine right now, but in the last 365 days, it has increased 486%!

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3️⃣ Putin hasn’t ruled out Elon Musk’s offer to chat on Clubhouse: Russian media reports


We live in exciting times.

If you could ask Putin one question, what would it be?

If you could ask Musk one question, what would it be?

Clubhouse has 8-10 Million users and remains iOS only and invitation only. Some big names have been on Clubhouse, notably Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. I do get value from it, but I wonder how long that will last before some unintended consequence rears its ugly head.

👉 I have a few invitations reserved for subscribers. Let me know if you would like an invite. I will need your iPhone phone number to send the invitation. HMU on Twitter DM or LinkedIn.

📱App of the Week:

‎Chess - Play & Learn
Play chess online with millions of players around the world! Enjoy free unlimited games and improve your chess rating with 50,000+ tactics puzzles, interactive lessons and videos, and a powerful computer opponent. Unlock your inner chess master today! PLAY CHESS ONLINE- Challenge your friends and …

Other than a few games with my son, I haven't played chess since elementary school. Interest in chess has skyrocketed since the limited series "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix.

If you haven't watched the series, I recommend it. It's a period piece, empowering, and touches on mental health issues too.

I joined after listening to the podcast StarTalk Radio. Alexandra Botez was a guest in episode "Gambits and Game Theory."

Alexandra and her sister host a very successful show on Twitch called BoetzLive. They have 653K followers and signed with Team Envy, an e-sports team.

👉 Everything is going digital, meaning we have access to almost all knowledge and nearly every person, in near realtime.

I'm terrible. It's an effective way to focus (and calm) your mind, and probably spending 10-20 minutes per day is a lot better than watching random YouTube videos or scrolling in a social app.

👩‍💻 Website of the Week: Bonjoro

I love this site!

In a nutshell, Bonjoro replaces a Thank You email with a short personalized video. Now when you sign up a new community member or make a sale, you can send them a personalized thank you message. The recipient receives an email with a link to the video and can respond directly on the page.

Bonjoro brings back the personal touch, which is especially important since the pandemic. Nothing (yet) beats in-person meetings. I predict that technology will allow us to meet virtually within one generation (25 years) and be indistinguishable from reality. That's another story!

🎛 Gadget of the Week: GaN 100W USB-C Charger


Are you tired of carrying multiple chargers with you? One for the laptop, one for a phone, and one for headphones is pretty standard.

World's most crowdfunded 100W GaN charger. Quick charge 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A devices.

I backed the original crowdfunded GaN 100W charger and have  no regrets.

Images from

The build is solid. There are two USB-C ports (100W) and two USB-A (18W) ports, all in a package slightly smaller than Apple's 61W USB-C charger that comes with the new M1 MacBook Pro 13".

🎙Podcast Episode of the Week: Brave New Planet: Deepfakes and the Future of Trut‪h‬

If you are short on time, listen to the first 10 minutes – if you aren't aware of deepfakes or how far the technology has come, you may be surprised.

Trust No One.  Trust nothing you read, see, or hear. You must question everything and do your research. For the foreseeable future, this is how we must live life.

It’s getting easy to create convincing—but false—videos through artificial intelligence. These “deepfakes” can have interesting applications in art and education, but they can also cause great harm—from ruining the reputation of an ex-partner to provoking international conflicts or swinging elections. When seeing is not believing, who can we trust, and can democracy and truth survive?

Have a wonderful weekend and a productive week ahead.

Work hard. Have fun. Be flexibile. + Be seeing you!

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