Newsletter v21.06
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Newsletter v21.06

Newsletter v21.06

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👋 Personal

A short update on sleep, still under 5 hours – but, I added 25 minutes per day!

I continue to enjoy the new MacBook Pro M1 (Apple Silicon). I've had it for weeks and until a day ago I never felt it get warm and certainly never heard the fan come on.

So, what did it take to heat up the MBP? I installed Unreal Engine and the MetaHumans project – compiling thousands of shaders did the trick :-) The SSD was at 135C.

News of the Week

1️⃣ Zipline Drones to Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines

References: Aviation Today Feb 4, 2021

Zipline has been in the drone delivery business for some years now and has already delivered more than one million vaccines. Zipline is currently working with a partner to create a cold chain for delivering COVID-19 vaccines to remote areas.

The vaccine manufacturer, who Zipline did not identify, will work with Zipline to create an end-to-end process for a temperature-controlled vaccine distribution solution. Zipline has previous experience with routine vaccine delivery and has delivered over one million routine vaccines to date.

2️⃣ The Surprising Appeal of Believing You're Living in The Matrix

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

A Glitch in the Matrix is a new film by Rodney Ascher. If you are already versed in the Simulation Theory, you won't read anything new from Rodney's interview with Eric Drucker (GQ Magazine). But, if you're new to the idea that we aren't living in base reality, and in fact, we are living inside a simulation, then I recommend reading the article.

Philip K. Dick is a famous sci-fi author, and many of his books are feature films: Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, and the series The Man in the High Castle.

In 1977 Philip K. Dick attended a conference in France and shared his belief that we may be living in a computer simulation. BTW Star Wars was also released in 1977 – a good year, eh!

3️⃣ A New Realm of Personalized Medicine with Brain Stimulation

Millions of people suffer from neurological and mental disorders. There are two common approaches: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medications. But, drugs don't work for everyone, and CBT requires several sessions depending on the disorder. Sessions may number in the 10's – that's a lot of time to find relief.

In fact, about 30% of all major depression patients do not respond at all to any medication or psychotherapy.
Image from

We hear about Machine Learning often in the popular press, but what about medical uses? The article linked above describes promising research to map patient brain waves in a novel way and then apply personalized deep brain stimulation.

Research published this week in Nature Biomedical Engineering led by Maryam Shanechi, Andrew and Erna Viterbi Early Career Chair in electrical and computer engineering at USC Viterbi, paves the way for a promising alternative: personalized deep brain stimulation.

I have a few questions:

  • What about privacy concerns?
  • Medical insurance concerns?
  • What if your employer gains access to your data?
  • Who owns the data generated by your brain?

📱App of the Week: Clubhouse

How many apps have 262K ratings and a 4.9 rating? I don't know – but it's not many for sure.

Image from

⚠️ Clubhouse may cause you to never sleep. Proceed with caution!

Clubhouse is a 24/7 conference with an infinite number of rooms. – Kirby's definition

I have found amazing conversations and met folks from all around the world (except where the app is banned). There are big names like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and high-level venture capitalists – you've likely read about them in the news.

More importantly, there are a large number of topic-specific rooms with tens to hundreds of members that offer great value. Personally, I joined a number of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) clubs and rooms.

👩‍💻Website of the Week: Audius

Image from

Music lovers and creators should try Audius.  320kbps streaming for free.

Support creators. Enough said.
Audius - Empowering Creators
Audius is a music streaming and sharing platform that puts power back into the hands of content creators.

🎛 Gadget of the Week: Baronfig Classic Pen

My favorite pen is Baronfig's Squire Rollerball Pen (Give $10, Get $10 - referral link).

With a nice quality paper, there is nothing like sketching and printing using an analog device. Tablets are great, but, there is no friction to using a pen[cil] and paper.

Image from
No batteries. No USB. No Bluetooth. No Wi-Fi.

🎙Podcast Episode of the Week: JRE - Elon Musk

Another fantastic episode from the Joe Rogan Experience just dropped. Whether you love him or hate him, Elon Musk is one of Earth's most unique living humans.

Topics include Tesla, Solar, SpaceX, Mars, Artificial Intelligence, Regulations, Neuralink, Starlink, and more.

Have a wonderful weekend and a productive week ahead.

Work hard. Have fun. Be flexibile.

Be seeing you!

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