The Minimalism Game – Day 30!

There isn’t much more to say, the minimalism game works.  You can play solo, or with others, it makes no difference, the result is the same, you rid yourself of “stuff” and start to realize how much time and money you wasted on unnecessary things.

30 days.  465 items trashed, donated or recycled.

As the game neared completion, I began to realize that it’s probably wise to think twice before acquiring more stuff going forward.  Within a generation, I believe most of us will live in much smaller homes (apartments) and surround ourselves with far, far fewer things.  The primary reason for this is that we will be spending the bulk of our day in a virtual world, and simply won’t have the need nor desire for as many physical things.  This lack of desire will be a natural outcome as we move from the analog to the digital realm.

George Carlin talks about “stuff”

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