Running Week Three (RW3)

For most of running week three, I was away from home.  Even with travel, I did make time to run daily, although they were mostly shorter than the previous week.  Unfortunately, during the first evening, I realized that I forgot to bring along the charging cable for the Apple Watch 🙁  The watch almost made it two days before running out of power.  For the remainder of the week, I carried my iPhone and used the Nike+ Run App.  On Saturday morning I took time to enjoy a long run on a well-kept trail offering frequent lake views.  It wasn’t busy on the morning I was there, and I took several opportunities to stop and enjoy the view.  I also forgot my water bottle at home.  

As for the Apple Watch and glitches, this week I didn’t experience any, then again I only ran with the watch on five of the seven days.

Running Week – 3