Running Week Two (RW2)

I completed week two of my master plan (at the moment run daily) with a slow trail run this morning.  The combination of diet and exercise is definitely working — I not only am starting to feel stronger but, my mind feels sharper too.   My weekly mileage is up by six and more importantly, my time increased by 45 minutes.  I’m all about endurance, not pace or distance.

Running Week – 2
Observations on technology

This last week I continued to use my Apple Watch Series 2 with the Nike+ Run Club app.  Last week I experienced two application crashes, this week only one glitch!  Unfortunately, this time I wasn’t able to start the run using the Watch app at all.  I would press the Start button and nothing would happen.  The only thing that worked for me was to restart both the Watch and the iPhone.  That was painful, taking several minutes and is a big negative when all you want to do is hit the trail.  Sometimes technology complicates our lives and leads to frustration.  Imagine spending billions of dollars on research and development, hiring top hardware and software engineers and still not having a product that is robust.  How does that happen?  Simple things to end users may actually be quite complicated under the covers and it’s surprising that things work as well as they do.

For now, I’m importing my runs from Nike into Dailymile, the integration works flawlessly, I’ll have to see if there is a way to automate that step though.  One odd thing with the Nike+ Run Club app is that you can’t share your run to Apple Messages.  You can post it to Twitter, Facebook and share with other messaging apps.  Given the co-marketing effort between Apple and Nike, this seems like an odd feature to leave out.

On the rocks