Moment – Week 2

On August 1st, I started an experiment to see if the Moment app for iOS would help me change my habit of constantly checking and wasting time on my device.  I shared some thoughts on the app and a graph showing the number of Pickups per day in my first week.

It looks like the Weekly Insights report is a rolling time window, that is, it includes the last seven days of data rather than starting on a Sunday or Monday.  I was expecting a push notification to let me know when the weekly report was ready, but, after a week of usage, it is always ready for you to look back on the previous seven days.  There is also a Quarterly Insights report, for now, mine says “Not enough data yet.  Check back next month.”

After upgrading last week to Moment Premium, I do see a positive change in average daily:

  • Screen Time has gone down 14%
  • Pickups have gone down from 79 to 54, a whopping 32%!  Yay!