AWS Wild Rydes Workshop

A couple of nights ago I attended the Hands-on Wild Rydes Workshop from Amazon Web Services.  I had a blast!

I attended the Seattle event, which is great since Amazon is headquartered there.  One drawback with Seattle is the parking situation, but, the AWS team helped by validating parking at a nearby garage, yes!

This was an evening workshop and the organizing team thought of that too by including time to mingle with other attendees and to enjoy a nice meal and drink.  I had a nice conversation with a fellow working in the telecom industry and learned about cellular networking software.  Cool.  I actually got my professional start working at a telco in the 1990s — COBOL and DiBOL, and then quickly moved to Smalltalk and server-side Internet development.

After a short introduction to Amazon Web Services, the workshop proper began.  We were pointed to the GitHub repository and went to it.  The atmosphere was relaxed and there was a decent student to teacher ratio (~10:1), all the Amazon employees were friendly and helpful.  The workshop can easily be done at your own pace outside of a formal event, but, it’s always preferable to meet in person in case you have questions and to meet other humans in real life.  The two parts of the workshop that we completed were:

Completing these parts requires the following services:

Prior to the workshop I had some experience with Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.  The other four services were new to me and the one that I think I can use most immediately is AWS Step Functions and I’ll definitely explore Amazon Rekognition too.

If you have any interest in Amazon Web Services I highly recommend attending this workshop.  Don’t forget to cleanup after the workshop, oh and pickup a pair of socks!